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The ILEXIA laboratory is a set of hardware and software solutions that enable our customers to find a network and telecom environment consistent with that they operate within their business.

To provide such an environment, ILEXIA took a pragmatic approach to his laboratory. This simulates corporate networks whose sites are connected through a VPN / MPLS carrier class . Therefore , this network is based on a redundant infrastructure consisting of routers P and PE. On each site of the company, a CE router performs the interconnection between the corporate network and the VPN / MPLS network.

Every business has its own dedicated VPN in which different solutions, which cover both aspects of computer networks that telephone are available to consider any type of scenario to meet the needs of the client that this is for training, testing or manufacturer interoperability .

In addition to the corporate VPN, VPN service provides shared resources are provided based on scenarios developed within the company or through the VPN services. It also helps to provide solutions specific to ToIP operators such as Centrex.

ilexia lab
This architecture VPN / MPLS network can simulate the networks of our customers according to their specificities and their needs. Equipment that constitute the heterogeneous computer network and from the major players in this market while most ToIP business solutions and operator are represented in their configurations and the latest versions.

by Frédéric Cohu, Responsible for the Laboratory Ilexia

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