Conditions of sales


These conditions apply to the provision by ILEXIA SAS educational training benefits continues organized and implemented in the form of inter-company and intra-company internship.

These benefits relate to the development and deepening of knowledge of staff in the field of telecommunications.

Inter-company courses are shown in platelets ILEXIA "training" dedicated to this purpose and at .

Entries can be made by phone , mail, fax and via, however they are final upon receipt of registration form and payment of training and availability .
The registration form will identify relevant training : Course title , dates, places, duration , names of participants and specify the billing address . A registration confirmation will then be sent .
You can specify any details of your collection agency and ask them for support . A training contract in two copies , signed and returned to us , you will be sent upon receipt of registration.

Training agreement

Under the law 71-575 of 16 July 1971 , the bill takes the place of agreement simplified training.

Course Fees

Rates for inter -company training will be indicated in the catalog " training " and will be rescheduled on the registration form . These fees include course materials , practical work , participation in conferences, additional documents provided to trainees , coffee breaks and certificate of attendance .
For intra -company training , they will be the subject of a specific quote.
The prices of our courses do not include taxes in Euros and must be added the VAT (20% on the day of publication of the catalog).

Modification, cancellation of the order due to ILEXIA

ILEXIA reserves the right to change during the year training content listed in his catalog based on developments affecting the subject. Prices for courses are also subject to change according to circumstances.
ILEXIA also reserves the right to cancel or postpone a course if the number of participants is insufficient or in cases of force majeure , even if registrants have received a summons . Each part is then notified of the postponement or cancellation of the session.
In case of cancellation, whatever the cause , the registration fees already paid will be reimbursed in full.

Modification, cancellation of the order by the customer

Cancellations by the client must be notified to us by email , telephone and must be confirmed by letter or fax as soon as possible before the course .
The cancellation of the course by a participant after registration involves the payment as compensation an amount equal to:
30% of the course in case of cancellation later than 3 weeks before the course date
60% of the course in case of cancellation later than one week before the course date
If canceled later the full amount of the course will be due.
However, replacements are allowed before the start of training.

Withdrawal, absence from training due to the client

In case of withdrawal or absence of a trainee, ILEXIA will immediately notify by email the principal of the training course in which the trainee was to participate.
In case of withdrawal or absence of a trainee, ILEXIA will immediately notify by email the principal of the training course in which the trainee was to participate.


ILEXIA retains all of its copyright in the content of training and documentation provided to participants free . Any reproduction, modification or reproduction of any third party or the documentation is strictly forbidden without prior agreement of the legal representative of ILEXIA.

ILEXIA of responsibility

The ILEXIA obligation for the proposed training is an obligation of means and not an obligation of result . The proposed training require a level that appears in the description of training.
So it is up to the customer to verify the prior level or students who are enrolled in training .


The invoice serves as simplified training agreement .
Payments are to be made by check payable to :
96, rue Orfila
75020 PARIS
Or by bank transfer (information provided on the registration form )
Full payment must be made upon receipt of the invoice or receipt of the agreement support the collecting body.
At the end of each course , an invoice will be issued and sent to the customer .

Control training

ILEXIA is registered under number 11 75 39642 75 as an organization of continuous training, with the Regional Control Service Professional Training of the Prefecture of the Ile de France , 18-24 , rue Tiphaine 75015 Paris.
The cost of this training may be charged to the budget "1% vocational training."

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