The landline phone is not dead

While the number of mobile subscribers is exploding, fixed continued to decline. Nomadism is entered in the manners.

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Users on their mobile phone , it is a minimum. But they check their emails, synchronize their calendars, access the company directory and more, consume business applications (applications for sales force , technical services , finance ... ).

Housed in the hollow of the hand, the smartphone makes multiple services to users. It has become the Swiss Army knife of employees.

Increasingly connected (3G and soon 4G ), still more powerful (equivalent to PC there 10 years), always more useful ( pro / personal applications), mobile undeniably dethroned fixed.

So when he will finally bury ? Why have still undertaking an aging tool , very ergonomic and backward ?

Friday, July 6, 2012, about 26 million mobile subscribers Orange are cut off for almost 12 hours for most affected . This failure HLR, so-called " rare ", nevertheless indeed occurred.

To which they are folded users to call ? I 'll give you a thousand : fixed. The landline is still that there are more reliable for basic business need : call.


The traditional question "I can not hear you , then I 'll call you on the fixed " makes perfectly highlight the deficiencies of mobile: voice quality , and sometimes even cuts , higher rates .

These technical problems are added non-existent and yet indispensable to the proper functioning of enterprises features: three-way conversation , filter boss / secretary ... While the mobile revolution leads to a breakneck speed and the tool gets better each day a little more.

But have you experienced an increase in quality in recent years? Instead, the quality degrades little by little . So a tip, do not throw your platform fixed telephony. Maintain it and make the move to ToIP and Unified Communications. She still remain for long a competitive advantage.

Pascal Brisset.
Marketing Director


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