Contracting Authority

Airbus - Toulouse : 


  • Design and implementation of the model of VoIP as part of a renewal offer appeal across the telephone network for Airbus and the European Airbus sites 3 ??(35000 posts)
  • Technology Transfer
  • Designing the layout and grid integration of Airbus tests

Implementation and execution of test sessions:
System (reliability, redundancy)
Security (such as guarding or malicious attacks) features users (user functions)

  • Implementation of key users seminars
  • Filtering Manager / secretary
  • Operator / Switchboard

Orange :


  • Said functional technical and operational solution contact center operated by FT CICP provider
  • Status on the security infrastructure to make appropriate decisions in terms of development and exploitation
  • Orange support in its migration project call center companies in ToIP

 Aastra : 

aastra logoTechnical study showing the opening wealth (XML programming) offers Aastra SIP terminals

DCN Direction des Chantiers Navals de Cherbourg :


  • Implementation of a ToIP system to the site of the DCN Cherbourg
  • Engineering and implementation of a VoIP system for 2500 IP phones
  • Development of specifications for network integration charges (DHCP, VLAN, Access List, Filter)
  • Designing a network of campus-style architecture in SIP


bul-logo 0 0

  • Integration of CISCO solutions CCM Express Sogafrie and skills transfer
  • Audit technical, functional and operational Alcatel OXE a solution implemented by OBS for BULL
  • Analysis and acceptance of the new telecommunication architecture implemented by OBS for the BULL

France Télécom :


  • Provision for making an evaluation model by a customer supply OBS through a tender
  • Interconnection of a Full system with 55 DECT QSIG on a model Aastra Test

DELL - Montpellier :

Logo-DellTechnical assistance for the evaluation of a range of ToIP for the call center responsible for handling calls "Southern Europe"

L'Humanité :

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  • Audit and definition of a director "Architecture" migration scheme for ToIP
  • Drafting the Bidding "RFP"
  • Counting the RFP and recommendation
  • Support for ToIP migration



  • Assistance in writing specifications under RFI / RFP World
  • Support for the selection of solution provider of ToIP under the Perspective 2008 project
  • Implementation of the model "Seminar Total"
  • Support demonstrations "uses"
  • Total support in its migration project in ToIP, perimeter P0, P1 and P2
  • Accommodation of model testing and validation of LAN and ToIP providers
  • Express Seminar "Show Room" presentation telephones 6 manufacturers
  • Performance review of HLD

KAEP - Sophia Antipolis : 

Establishment of model of ToIP as part of an assessment by a building complex (KAEP)

Thomson - Rennes :

logo thomson rouge sur blanc

  • Audit of telephone networks and computer
  • Engineering and design of a site 1,000 people including 800 IP phones on Nortel infrastructure

Ville de Boulogne-sur-Mer :


  • Driving a consultation of competition integrators
  • Assitance to Client during deployments
  • Audit and analysis of different collections and definition of an architecture diagram for ToIP migration


cbi-1024x460  Audit of CISCO technical architecture implemented by CBI for Bank al Maghrib

Groupama - Paris Val de Loire :


  • Assistance with project management support for the migration of all sites Groupama Loire Valley (1200 positions Alcatel OXE solution)
  • Opportunity study leading to the development of the master plan
  • Steering consultation of competition integrators


Fault identification and arbitration of responsibility for a problem QSIG interoperability between Alcatel OXE managed by OBS and managed by Vocalcom on behalf of G & A Links Vocalcom solution

Groupama - Paris Centre Manche :


  • Master Plan
  • Call management offers
  • support deployments

Université Rennes 1 :

39931 19

  • Assistance to the Owner for the modernization of networks and telecommunications
  • Assistance for the procurement

Conseil Général 13 :


  • Audit of their need "Provision Networks Theoretical Studies and Recommendations"
  • Validation of the ToIP solution adopted by the CG13 in situations of congestion and failure for so-called critical sites
  • Migration sites "Datacenter" ToIP eligible for central sites, migration devolved to MAN fiber optic sights, migration concentrates linked sites VPN
  • Completion of a master telephone system and support scheme at the holder's

Ministère de l'Intérieur :

Ministere interieur
Supply, installation, commissioning and technical support of a model solution for all IP Telephony brand Alcatel

Conseil Général 93 :

20130212151214Logo CG 93Master Plan telephone system

Docapost :



  • Audit and analysis of the various collections and definition of an architecture diagram for ToIP migration
  • Drafting of the tender and RFP and counting operator
  • Support for ToIP migration

Hôtel de Région Champagne Ardennes - Reims :

region2Establishment of model of ToIP as part of an evaluation


logo ibpCounting, recommendation and recommendation to tender issued by I-BP and aid assessment of current drivers.


logo dgac

  • Opportunity study, evolution of the telecommunication network of private aviation complex Athis-Mons
  • Accompanying the DTI in the deployment of the solution proposed by SPIE


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  • Audit and definition of a director "architecture" scheme for ToIP migration
  • Pre-consultation and Tenders manufacturers

Mediaserv :

Logo mediaservTesting, diagnostics and identification of quality problems on voice calls Off-Net


logo Casino 347 Assistance in the design of the new architecture of a building Telecom

Mairie de Saint-Ouen :


  • Audit failures networks
  • Full audit to an evolution of the network architecture

IMA (Inter Mutuelle Assistance) :


  • Feasibility studies as part of the evolution of call centers IMA
  • Control the migration of telecommunications facilities site Niort
  • Prototyping and integration POC bay equipment and other Nortel
  • Prototyping and integration POC berries and various CISCO / Avaya and miscellaneous / optional Alcatel and various
  • Assistance to the Owner for the design and implementation of a prototype under the project SAFETRIP

Mairie de Suresnes :


  • Audit faults ToIP
  • Expansion of ToIP to study all sites

Rectorat de Poitiers :


  • Drafting a master plan for telephony by 2009
  • Audit ToIP system installed Rector of Poitiers
  • Audit and recommendation system deployed by the integrator Aastra
  • Aastra provides software subscription and laboratory tests
  • Development numbering plan for the next site of the Rectory of Poitiers and AI 86 in Poitiers
  • Development architecture diagram, writing assistance and analysis of CCTP Offers Integrators

Mairie de Cergy-Pontoise :

00122 c1 Audit technical, functional and operational solution enterprise telecommunications and data network of the City of Cergy

Tarsus France :


  • Assistance with project management for the installation of new premises
  • Audit, consultation and analysis for ToIP migration
  • Support for the deployment of the solution

Mairie d'Asnières :

asnieres-sur-seineTechnical audit of telecommunication network



  • Telecom Audit GMF
  • Technical assistance for the validation of SIEMENS products (SIP)
  • During pre-sales and strategic phases Assistance with technical opérateursAudit telecommunication network

Mairie de Colombes

LogorvbAssistance with project management for the modernization of telecommunication networks

Smiths-Heimann :

128352Analysis, recommendation and recommendation support Telephony project

Mairie de Genevilliers :


  • Study the connection of multimedia spaces mediatheques
  • Study on different network computer and telecommunication architectures possible



  • Contribution networks and protection aspects of DCE Coligny Smart House
  • Collaborative projects of Oger International
  • Collaboration on the project JABAL OMAR
  • Collaboration on network projects

Messer :

Logo Messer 300 dpi Documentary, meeting with OBS analysis and recommendation