Our business

ILEXIA helps his customers in the process of selecting and implementing ToIP and VoIP in their information system.

Our goal is to provide the key elements for a smooth and fully controlled implementation of ToIP solutions for telecom operators and IT managers.

In order to do this, we rely on our IP telephony knowledge and laboratory to help you to select the best architecture and products that fit your needs.

We will help you to build complete, scalable, and high-performance network and telecommunication solutions to meet your long-term goals.

ILEXIA offers the following services to Manufacturer, Providers, Companies and Local Governments:

  • Complete engineering of an IP telephony solution
  • ToIP network provisionning and architecturing
  • IT and telephone networks audits
  • Implementation of mock-ups for validation
  • Drafting of recommendation reports
  • Tests for interoperability elaboration and execution
  • Complete solution implementation
  • Integration of a ToIP solution into the company’s information system
  • Design and supply of "turnkey" testing platforms.

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