Open mobile network operators VoIP shortfall for operators or new financial windfall ?

Mobile operators are beginning to seriously consider open their networks to mobile VoIP applications such as Skype.

These applications allow users to call each other for free . At the time of development of the smartphone market ( more iPhones sold in France 2000000 ) and consequently the development of the use of mobile applications ( over 100,000 applications on the iPhone ), the request for applications VoIP on mobile networks has increased.

At first reluctant to open these VoIP applications on their networks , operators will accommodate VoIP on mobile networks . For the subscriber the idea of ??reducing his mobile phone bill is an important argument favoring the use of VoIP.

For mobile operators open their networks to these mobile applications represents a shortfall since subscribers will no longer pass chargeable calls via mobile , but free VoIP networks (Skype , SIP) calls.

Of course this opening will not be free either, and you would think the same way that mobile TV is sold at a significant price, the VoIP option on the mobile network will know a similar entry price if not more. What preempt the urge to use Skype and SIP applications.

Does Free Mobile will be alternative mobile operator that will shake up the business model of the current mobile operators, and democratize the mobile VoIP at a reasonable price ? Response in 2012 with the launch of Free's mobile.


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