State of the art SIP Trunk in France

The SIP trunk provider or public trunk is to replace access to the switched telephone network (PSTN) through an IP link. Initially performed in H.323, this technology is now mainly based on SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). This is called SIP Trunking operator or public.

At a conference held March 12, 2014, ILEXIA shared his vision on "State of the art SIP Trunk in France and the role of the SBC". This conference was followed by a round table "The 3 tips for passing the SIP Trunk" led by Didier Barathon, Editorial Manager of Networks & Telecoms.


  • Technical and economic context
  • ILEXIA: who are we?
  • "SIP Trunk": presentation technology
    • definition
    • Principle and modes of implementation
  • The needs of the business
    • Main interests migrate to migrate SIP Trunk
  • The SIP Trunk of market
    • main actors
  • SIP Trunk integration in the enterprise
    • Different implementation models
  • Securing SIP Trunk
    • SIP Trunk tomorrow ...
  • E-SBC and SIP Trunk
  • conclusion


COMING SOON : Please note that current in October 2014 a new morning will be organized.

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In recent years , the market for telecom business has been considerably enriched in particular with the emergence of many business deals . The trend is to migrate to IP , companies have seen their replacement by a PABX PBX.

But the passage of a non- IP system to an IP system is not the only change . New uses have emerged, which arises from new adapted offers ( IP Centrex , unified communications , cloud computing ... ) . Migration to IP has also materialized operator side, resulting in the gradual renunciation of digital access (ISDN ) in favor of IP-based access technologies : the trunk operator.

Although this protocol is now considered mature enough in France, there are still some issues concerning interoperability between different solutions, by virtue of the adoption of SIP by a large number of actors.

It is in this context that the company operates ILEXIA. She regularly conducts tests and validations of different offers SIP Trunking for the operators and with different types of equipment (Alcatel -Lucent , Cisco, Siemens , Asterisk , Avaya, Aastra , etc. .). These tests can assert guarantee for businesses, especially as the ILEXIA laboratory is frequently updated ( hardware and software) to be able to perform these tests and validations. ILEXIA can set client configuration and perform a well-defined tests to prove the interoperability between different solutions number.


By Pascal Manié, Engineer Network & Telecom

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