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IP telephony migration not so simple

Embarking on a major project to ToIP migration often proves to be much more complex than a simple change of Pabx. Said Lan, state park, interoperability tests, climbing skills ... teams milestones, if they are underestimated or worse, ignored, can cause major malfunctions within the phone, directly impacting activity throughout the company.


The Contracting authority ILEXIA sweeps of the steps for a successful migration :

  •     Said network and telecom
  •     strategic Consulting
  •     Opportunity Study and Budget
  •     Blueprint Network & Telecom
  •     Drafting and management Tenders
  •     Technical Expertise , Architecture and Engineering
  •     Project management, management of your deployments

SMEs, and even some large companies can not carry out this type of project alone. It must be accompanied by an internet specialist, mastering both the technical solutions on the market but also capable of integrating unfiées communications and adapt to the different topologies of companies.
For over 8 years, ILEXIA led change within companies migrating to ToIP.
Our strengths ? Laboratory tests and measures that allows us to know perfectly and validate without exception all market solutions, Aastra Alcatel through Cisco, Mitel or free offers Asterisk kind.
Our skills ? Strong expertise in project management allowing you to entrust us with confidence draft business transformation.

Much more than the phone, we help you review your collaborative work modes within your structure. Multi-media, whether it's desktop to laptop via landlines ; multi-channel, to move the phone to instant messaging via videoconferencing : multi-sector, integrated solutions from SMEs to large accounts through the public sector ; our expertise is rich and varied.

Because the phone is a critical enterprise application, you must entrust to specialists.


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