Interoperability, more than ever at the heart of telecom and IOT

Standardization, including the SIP protocol ensures multi-vendor choice (terminals, equipment, infrastructure and network) through standardized interfaces and also the interoperability of networks and services, quality of service, etc..

Certificat Interopérabilité copie

We live in radical times to compatibility between competing systems because this standardization provides an opportunity for all stakeholders : operators, equipment editor software to collaborate in the development of the market. The bet ILEXIA during all these years has been to build a heterogeneous lab several solutions on the market.

In recent years , the market for telecom business was greatly enriched in particular with the emergence of many business deals . New uses and new jobs were created (IP Centrex , Unified Communications , Cloud Computing ...). The operator side , SIP Trunking largely democratized. But even if the market is now considered mature enough, there are still many problems on interoperability between different solutions, because of the interpretation of the SIP by the actors. SIP terminals are not left because coupled with an IP PBX, they have nothing to envy the owners terminals.

With the scheduled arrival of the internet " IOT " object , interoperability of equipment and associated services will be revitalized, particularly in dealing with security issues.
ILEXIA has decided to modernize its infrastructure IP convergence to make IPv6-enabled and accessible M2M / IOT.

The real challenge of the coming years, is and will remain " Interoperability " necessary to the advent of smart grids provided. Interoperate to become intelligent..

Pascal Brisset

Marketing Director

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