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 ILEXIA was a natural choice to work on the Alcatel-Lucent Dynamic Tour 2010 to form the CIO clients on issues and impacts SIP and interoperability. Beyond the strong technical competence, is the credibility of an actor who has mastered these technologies in its own labs which makes ILEXIA a single independent player in the communications market in France and Europe.Pierre-Antoine THIEBAUT, Director Marketing & Business Development, Alcatel-Lucent Entreprise
 When Bouygues Telecom Entreprises has launched its range of fixed-mobile convergence, we had set up various training modules to educate our distribution network. We auditioned various actors in the field of Networking & Telecommunications to sit our curriculum. ILEXIA is detached from other competitors for its particular specialized knowledge on issues ToIP but also through its Laboratory to achieve the TP-related deals. We have therefore chosen ILEXIA which is the reference in this sector and have given him the certification of all our distributors for installation of fixed offers and convergence. ILEXIA also performs route climb technical competence of our staff.Astrid CHENARD, Responsible for Training and Animation, Bouygues Telecom
The ILEXIA training allowed us to concretely understand the operation of ToIP and identify points of vigilance. The alternation of lectures and practical work and the course material help to fix the fundamentals. Such training is the first step to technical advisor in a project ToIP.Daniel PRAT, Director of the solution department customer centers, ORANGE

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 We followed their training. They have experience of different systems, so a generalist approach. We need an overall vision All systems, ILEXIA addresses QoS routers as well. Their goal is not to advise any particular choice, but to detail a ToIP approach and all products in the presence.Jean-Charles BETTUZZI, Chief of Project CTI, CETELEM BNP Paribas
 We were able through training ILEXIA, complete and base our knowledge on ToIP. Their method, based on the practical application of theories, allows everyone to realize immediately the workshops, the principles described by a team of trainers around the field. ILEXIA trainers are experts on the subject.Jean-Michel OBERT, Technical Director, GROUPAMA Paris Val-de-Loire
 ILEXIA provided training for our company and has been adapted to our problems. I am convinced qu'Ilexia can bring us a lot about the security and validation tests for ILEXIA Laboratory has a complete ToIP and expanded by which sits ILEXIA advice. I think implement new customized training for our teams because trainers are very competent.Georges THYERE, DCSI Network Architect, PSA
In the context of a reflection on replacing our phone system, we decided to choose the ILEXIA Company to train us to ToIP. I was impressed by their expertise in this area but also their skills around the organization LAN, MAN and WAN networks. When we had to retain a company to advise us on the development of our telecommunications system, it seemed obvious to choose ILEXIA Company. The fact that it is requested by the manufacturers of ToIP solutions and ISPs, is a guarantee of security.Antoine DRUON, Territorial Ingineer in Computer Service, Mairie de Boulogne-sur-Mer

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 We regularly call on the expertise of ILEXIA, whether in our columns or DSI our conferences, to bring our readers relevant and impartial especially lighting technologies and solutions for ToIP.Olivier COREDO, Responsible Club DSI 01 Informatique
 The ILEXIA expertise allows us to understand the new communication technologies from the convergence between IT and IP Telephony. ILEXIA interventions are particularly relevant in our conferences for IT leaders.Jean-Pierre BLETTNER, Editorial Director and CIO of Networks and telecoms, IT News Group