Terms and conditions

I - Introduction

ILEXIA is an independent professional training organization. ILEXIA is located at 96, rue Orfila - 75020 PARIS. It is registered with the DREETS under the number 11 75 39 642 75. The purpose of these rules and regulations is to specify certain provisions that apply to all participants in the various training courses organized by ILEXIA in order to ensure the smooth running of the courses offered.

Definitions :

  •     ILEXIA will hereinafter "training agency";
  •     people on the course will be hereinafter referred to as "trainees" ;
  •     the director of training ILEXIA will hereinafter " the head of the training organization."


II - General Provisions

Article 1 :
Accordance with articles defining the general and permanent rules and clarify the rules on health and safety L 920-5-1 et seq R 922-1 and following of the Labor Code, the present Rules is to and the rules relating to discipline , including sanctions for trainees and rights thereof in case of sanction.

III - Scope

Article 2 : Who Should
This Regulation applies to all students enrolled in training by ILEXIA session and , for the duration of the training . Each student is deemed to have accepted the terms of this Regulation when following training provided by ILEXIA and agrees that action be taken against him for failure to comply with it.

Article 3 : Location of Training
The training will take place either in the local ILEXIA or in outer space. The provisions of this Regulation are applicable not only within the local ILEXIA but also any premises to receive training.

IV - Health and safety

Article 4 : General Rules
Each trainee must ensure his personal safety and that of others in accordance with the general and specific safety and hygiene standards on the training site. However, pursuant to Article R. 922-1 of the Labour Code, where the training takes place in a company or institution already has an internal regulation under Section VI of Chapter II of Title II of Book I this code, security measures and specific hygiene rules for students are those that regulation.

Article 5 : Prohibition of smoking
Pursuant to Decree No. 92-478 of 29 May 1992 laying down the conditions of application of the prohibition of smoking in places intended for collective use, it is forbidden to smoke in the premises of training, except in places reserved therefor.

Article 6 : Alcoholic beverages
It is forbidden for students to enter or stay at while drunk and to introduce alcoholic beverages.

Article 7 : Places restoration
Or the meals are supported by ILEXIA, any time they are not required. Meals are taken by encharges ILEXIA in a restaurant of his choice. Moreover, if they wish students can eat in another place of their choice but the contribution of meal is not supported by ILEXIA.

Article 8 : Accident
Any accident or incident occurring during or training must be immediately reported by the injured student or people who witnessed the accident , the head of the organization . Pursuant to Article R. 962-1 of the Labour Code, the accident occurred while the student is on the training location or for that goes there or back, is the subject of a statement by the head of the body to the social security fund.

Article 9 : Fire Orders
Accordance with Articles R. 232-12-17 et seq of the Labour Code , fire instructions including a map of location of fire extinguishers and emergency exits are displayed in local training so as to be known to all trainees.

V - Discipline

Article 10 : Hours of training
Training schedules are set by ILEXIA and brought to the knowledge of trainees or by notice sent electronically. Trainees are required to comply with these times . ILEXIA reserves , within the limits imposed by the provisions in force , the right to change course schedules based on operational requirements . Students must comply with the amendments to organizational ILEXIA hours of the course. In case of absence or delay the course, it is better for the student to notify either the trainer or the person responsible for the training organization or the ILEXIA secretariat. In addition, a record of attendance must be signed by the trainee.

Article 11 : Access to training site
Except as expressly authorized ILEXIA, students with access to a training ground for their internships can :

  •     enter or remain for other purposes ;
  •     facilitate the introduction of third parties to the organization.

Article 12 : Conduct and behavior
Trainees are invited to attend instead of training decent outfit and get a decent respect to any person in the body behavior.

Article 13 : Use of equipment
Each trainee has an obligation to maintain in good condition the equipment entrusted to his training. Trainees are required to use the equipment for its intended purpose. The use of the material for other purposes, including personal use is prohibited, except for material provided for this purpose. At the end of the internship , the student is required to return all documents and materials in its possession belonging to the training organization , except for teaching handouts during training.

Article 14 : Records
It is strictly forbidden, unless expressly provided otherwise, record or film the training sessions.

Article 15 : Educational Documentation
Handouts educational training sessions is protected under copyright and may not be reused for other than strictly personal use .

Article 16 : Responsibility of the organization in case of theft or damage to personal property of trainees
ILEXIA disclaims all liability in case of loss , theft or damage of personal items of any kind submitted by students in local training.

Article 17 : Sanctions
Failure of the student to one of the provisions of these Rules may be subject to a penalty.
A penalty within the meaning of Article R 922-3 of the Labour Code, any measure other than verbal comments made ??by the head of the training organization or its representative, after a trainee jeopardizes considered by him as guilty, that this measure is likely to affect immediately or not the presence of the person in the course or jeopardize the continuity of training they receive. Depending on the seriousness of the infringement, the sanction may consist of:

  •     is a warning ;
  •     either a measure of expulsion.


Fines or other monetary penalties are prohibited.
The head of the training institution must inform the sanction :

  •     the employer, where the trainee is an employee with an internship in the company training plan ;
  •     the employer and the joint body that took the expenses of training, when the intern is an employee with a work placement as part of a training leave.


Article 18 : Disciplinary Procedure
No penalty may be imposed on the student without that it has been informed in advance of the case against him.
When the head of the training organization or its representative intends to take a penalty that has an impact, immediate or not, the presence of a trainee in a training process is as follows :

  •     The head of the training organization or its representative shall convene the trainee stating the purpose of this meeting.
  •     This specifies the date, time and place of the interview. It is written and sent by registered mail or delivered to the person against discharge letter.
  •     During the interview, the student may be assisted by a person of his choice, trainee or employee of the training organization .
  •     The summons mentioned in the preceding paragraph refers to this faculty. The head of the training organization or its representative indicates lemotif the proposed sanction and collects explanations of the trainee. In the event that a definitive exclusion of the internship is considered a disciplinary committee is constituted comprising representatives of trainees.
  •     To it by the head of the training organization or its representative after the aforementioned interview and an opinion on the exclusion contemplated.
  •     The student is notified of the referral. It is heard on the request by the Disciplinary Committee . It may , in this case , be assisted by a person of his choice, trainee or employee of the organization . The Disciplinary Committee shall forward its opinion to the Director of the agency within one clear day after the meeting.
  •     The penalty can not intervene unless a clear day nor more than fifteen days after service or , if applicable, after the transmission of the notice of the Disciplinary Committee . It is the subject of a written and reasoned decision , notified to the student in the form of a letter which is remitted to or against discharge of a registered letter . When jeopardizes resulted in a precautionary measure temporary exclusion with immediate effect , no final sanction on this jeopardizes can not be made without the student has been informed in advance of the case against him and possibly the procedure described above was followed.


VI - Advertising and date of entry into force

Article 19 : Advertising
This Regulation shall be presented to each participant before the training session. A copy of this regulation is available in the local ILEXIA and on its website.

VII - Abandonment, absence due to the client

Article 20 : Abandonment/ Absence
In case of withdrawal or absence of a trainee, ILEXIA will immediately notify by email the principal of the training course in which the trainee was to participate. Furthermore, an email is sent to the trainee by ILEXIA in order to know the reasons of the withdrawal or absence.

96 rue Orfila
75020 PARIS