Our positioning

Our vision of the market articulates around the necessary double competence "voice and data" of the teams as well as knowledge ground of the problems related to ToIP.

Conscious of the speed with which technologies evolve/move and to remain with the fact of the last developments, Ilexia presses its growth on 4 major axes:

  • Continual investment in the equipment necessary to the exercise of our trade
  • The installation of a service of technological survey (bearing on technologies, standardizations, the products, but also the economic market environment)
  • The installation of partnerships with the main actors of the market of the networks and telecoms (manufacturers, operators and software publishers)
  • The recruitment of engineers equipped with a solid doubles competence (voices/data)

For that, we built our offer of service based on :

  • Our ToIP specialization skills
  • A comprehensive approach in implementating ToIP solutions
  • Combination of specific telephony system competences with the data networks knowledge
  • A constant technology and market products watch
  • Our capacity to simulate in our laboratory the most complex solutions of ToIP (including as well the ToIP equipment as an infrastructure network)
  • Our independence toward providers and suppliers

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