Spectra2 by Tektronix new tool for protocol testing in the laboratory Ilexia

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Just like the computer world, the world of telecommunications is currently undergoing a shift towards new technologies. This development offers new value-added services. How to ensure and validate these changes with existing services ?

While existing networks (PSTN, ISDN, GSM ...) continue to provide telecommunications services, new technologies, with new services are entering the market. The challenge for manufacturers, operators and integrators is to ensure a level of interoperability between these technologies and networks.

p nd Spectra2
Spectra2 precisely integrates emerging technologies and existing technologies. This tool allows for functional testing, conformance, interoperability and measuring the quality of service. Ilexia is based in part on this type of solution to test, validate and certify telephony equipment in his laboratory.

by Rafik Berhouma, Engineer and Marketing Service

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