ILEXIA is an office of independent study which has its own M2M lab.

Our laboratory M2M/IOT main objectives :

  • network infrastructure to provide end-to-end validation of prototypes M2M
  • to test the interoperability of equipment and services :
    • M2M devices,
    • M2M gateways (MODBUS / MODBUS TCP/6LoWPAN/ZigBee ...)
    • M2M applications & servers ...

 Some examples of uses of the laboratory :

  • Interoperabilities CoAP (between M2M devices and M2M gateways or servers) according to ETSI M2M standardization
  • Interoperabilities radio protocols between M2M devices and M2M gateways: Wireless M-BUS, ZigBee, Zwave, 6LoWPAN ...)
  • Prototyping end-to-end M2M architectures
  • Testing scalability of M2M applications ...


Our converged IP infrastructure now supports IPv6

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