How to test and stress SIP VoIP network? With Abacus 5000, the new equipment ILEXIA Laboratory !

ilexia labOur laboratory tests and certifies scalability and compliance ToIP products. Many of our customers have requested and to test the scalability of their VoIP platform to ensure the smooth operation of their equipment in all scenarios calls. We use, for this Spirent Abacus 5000 tool to generate thousands of SIP call and / or T2 to ToIP platforms of the laboratory and those of our clients.

abacus5000Indeed, the internet call servers not only manage the SIP, they act as DHCP, TFTP, HTTP, SNMP, LDAP, NTP and / or FTP servers. The servers are subject to regular requests from IP phones that emit calls to re-register with the SIP registrar regularly, check for the presence update, downloading updates, synchronize time, etc.. According to the scenarios, servers and / or VoIP gateways are subjected to loads and different behaviors, so it is important to know the limits of its ToIP platform.

by Patrick Camelin, Engineer and Marketing Service

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