The feasibility study is not always necessary but is sometimes necessary

Some companies with multiple sites in substantial numbers, trying to find out where they will go before embarking on an internet project. They prefer to spend 20,000 euros for example in a study of opportunity rather than went head-on into the unknown.

As for the data, they paint a director in order to measure the organizational impacts, technological, financial and trade scheme. They do not want to discover the impacts once the purchased solution. And this is quite understandable. The objective is to minimize the impact, prepare consequences and control budgets.

The feasibility study allows a draft architecture. But it can also often convince internally on the usefulness of the project.

Typically, we are currently working on a business with 6 main sites and fifty sales offices worldwide. It raises the question of whether or not now migrate to ToIP .

The feasibility study is based on an audit of its Pabx, software and maintenance contracts. It will advocate for example, make several batches per topologies sites or to flatten the data network . It also set a timetable.

This is an important study for the branch network comprising thousands of sites. It is not always necessary, but sometimes necessary. Its natural extension is managing the tender .



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