References M2M/IOT

  • Contracting Authority
  • Training
  • Interoperability label
  • Testimonies
  • Interoperability tests & validations

Airbus - Toulouse : 


  • Design and implementation of the model of VoIP as part of a renewal offer appeal across the telephone network for Airbus and the European Airbus sites 3 ??(35000 posts)
  • Technology Transfer
  • Designing the layout and grid integration of Airbus tests

Implementation and execution of test sessions:
System (reliability, redundancy)
Security (such as guarding or malicious attacks) features users (user functions)

  • Implementation of key users seminars
  • Filtering Manager / secretary
  • Operator / Switchboard

Orange :


  • Said functional technical and operational solution contact center operated by FT CICP provider
  • Status on the security infrastructure to make appropriate decisions in terms of development and exploitation
  • Orange support in its migration project call center companies in ToIP

 Aastra : 

aastra logoTechnical study showing the opening wealth (XML programming) offers Aastra SIP terminals

DCN Direction des Chantiers Navals de Cherbourg :


  • Implementation of a ToIP system to the site of the DCN Cherbourg
  • Engineering and implementation of a VoIP system for 2500 IP phones
  • Development of specifications for network integration charges (DHCP, VLAN, Access List, Filter)
  • Designing a network of campus-style architecture in SIP


bul-logo 0 0

  • Integration of CISCO solutions CCM Express Sogafrie and skills transfer
  • Audit technical, functional and operational Alcatel OXE a solution implemented by OBS for BULL
  • Analysis and acceptance of the new telecommunication architecture implemented by OBS for the BULL

France Télécom :


  • Provision for making an evaluation model by a customer supply OBS through a tender
  • Interconnection of a Full system with 55 DECT QSIG on a model Aastra Test

DELL - Montpellier :

Logo-DellTechnical assistance for the evaluation of a range of ToIP for the call center responsible for handling calls "Southern Europe"

L'Humanité :

2b2ba3 bb51493ed556c6b845bded806ff68686.gif 1024

  • Audit and definition of a director "Architecture" migration scheme for ToIP
  • Drafting the Bidding "RFP"
  • Counting the RFP and recommendation
  • Support for ToIP migration



  • Assistance in writing specifications under RFI / RFP World
  • Support for the selection of solution provider of ToIP under the Perspective 2008 project
  • Implementation of the model "Seminar Total"
  • Support demonstrations "uses"
  • Total support in its migration project in ToIP, perimeter P0, P1 and P2
  • Accommodation of model testing and validation of LAN and ToIP providers
  • Express Seminar "Show Room" presentation telephones 6 manufacturers
  • Performance review of HLD

KAEP - Sophia Antipolis : 

Establishment of model of ToIP as part of an assessment by a building complex (KAEP)

Thomson - Rennes :

logo thomson rouge sur blanc

  • Audit of telephone networks and computer
  • Engineering and design of a site 1,000 people including 800 IP phones on Nortel infrastructure

Ville de Boulogne-sur-Mer :


  • Driving a consultation of competition integrators
  • Assitance to Client during deployments
  • Audit and analysis of different collections and definition of an architecture diagram for ToIP migration


cbi-1024x460  Audit of CISCO technical architecture implemented by CBI for Bank al Maghrib

Groupama - Paris Val de Loire :


  • Assistance with project management support for the migration of all sites Groupama Loire Valley (1200 positions Alcatel OXE solution)
  • Opportunity study leading to the development of the master plan
  • Steering consultation of competition integrators


Fault identification and arbitration of responsibility for a problem QSIG interoperability between Alcatel OXE managed by OBS and managed by Vocalcom on behalf of G & A Links Vocalcom solution

Groupama - Paris Centre Manche :


  • Master Plan
  • Call management offers
  • support deployments

Université Rennes 1 :

39931 19

  • Assistance to the Owner for the modernization of networks and telecommunications
  • Assistance for the procurement

Conseil Général 13 :


  • Audit of their need "Provision Networks Theoretical Studies and Recommendations"
  • Validation of the ToIP solution adopted by the CG13 in situations of congestion and failure for so-called critical sites
  • Migration sites "Datacenter" ToIP eligible for central sites, migration devolved to MAN fiber optic sights, migration concentrates linked sites VPN
  • Completion of a master telephone system and support scheme at the holder's

Ministère de l'Intérieur :

Ministere interieur
Supply, installation, commissioning and technical support of a model solution for all IP Telephony brand Alcatel

Conseil Général 93 :

20130212151214Logo CG 93Master Plan telephone system

Docapost :



  • Audit and analysis of the various collections and definition of an architecture diagram for ToIP migration
  • Drafting of the tender and RFP and counting operator
  • Support for ToIP migration

Hôtel de Région Champagne Ardennes - Reims :

region2Establishment of model of ToIP as part of an evaluation


logo ibpCounting, recommendation and recommendation to tender issued by I-BP and aid assessment of current drivers.


logo dgac

  • Opportunity study, evolution of the telecommunication network of private aviation complex Athis-Mons
  • Accompanying the DTI in the deployment of the solution proposed by SPIE


000016199 5

  • Audit and definition of a director "architecture" scheme for ToIP migration
  • Pre-consultation and Tenders manufacturers

Mediaserv :

Logo mediaservTesting, diagnostics and identification of quality problems on voice calls Off-Net


logo Casino 347 Assistance in the design of the new architecture of a building Telecom

Mairie de Saint-Ouen :


  • Audit failures networks
  • Full audit to an evolution of the network architecture

IMA (Inter Mutuelle Assistance) :


  • Feasibility studies as part of the evolution of call centers IMA
  • Control the migration of telecommunications facilities site Niort
  • Prototyping and integration POC bay equipment and other Nortel
  • Prototyping and integration POC berries and various CISCO / Avaya and miscellaneous / optional Alcatel and various
  • Assistance to the Owner for the design and implementation of a prototype under the project SAFETRIP

Mairie de Suresnes :


  • Audit faults ToIP
  • Expansion of ToIP to study all sites

Rectorat de Poitiers :


  • Drafting a master plan for telephony by 2009
  • Audit ToIP system installed Rector of Poitiers
  • Audit and recommendation system deployed by the integrator Aastra
  • Aastra provides software subscription and laboratory tests
  • Development numbering plan for the next site of the Rectory of Poitiers and AI 86 in Poitiers
  • Development architecture diagram, writing assistance and analysis of CCTP Offers Integrators

Mairie de Cergy-Pontoise :

00122 c1 Audit technical, functional and operational solution enterprise telecommunications and data network of the City of Cergy

Tarsus France :


  • Assistance with project management for the installation of new premises
  • Audit, consultation and analysis for ToIP migration
  • Support for the deployment of the solution

Mairie d'Asnières :

asnieres-sur-seineTechnical audit of telecommunication network



  • Telecom Audit GMF
  • Technical assistance for the validation of SIEMENS products (SIP)
  • During pre-sales and strategic phases Assistance with technical opérateursAudit telecommunication network

Mairie de Colombes

LogorvbAssistance with project management for the modernization of telecommunication networks

Smiths-Heimann :

128352Analysis, recommendation and recommendation support Telephony project

Mairie de Genevilliers :


  • Study the connection of multimedia spaces mediatheques
  • Study on different network computer and telecommunication architectures possible



  • Contribution networks and protection aspects of DCE Coligny Smart House
  • Collaborative projects of Oger International
  • Collaboration on the project JABAL OMAR
  • Collaboration on network projects

Messer :

Logo Messer 300 dpi Documentary, meeting with OBS analysis and recommendation

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In inter-company :

  • DELL
  • France Telecom R&D
  • BNP Paribas
  • Alcatel Lucent
  • Sonacotra
  • Conseil Général de la Seine St Denis
  • Ascom
  • INEO
  • Conseil Général de la Reunion
  • Groupama
  • OPHLM Bobigny
  • DGAC
  • CEA
  • Conseil Général "région PACA"
  • Groupe TESTS (01 Réseaux)
  • SUN Microsystems
  • Orange
  • Thomson
  • Avaya
  • Mairie de Nanterre
  • Altitude telecom
  • Aviation civile
  • Cegelec
  • Banque Populaire
  • Ausy Fance
  • Conseil Régional de Franche-Comté
  • Amica
  • NMPP
  • L'Oréal
  • Nortel
  • Mairie de Boulogne-sur-Mer
  • MAAF
  • Dalkia
  • Mairie de Suresnes
  • Mairie de Saint-Ouen
  • Multiphone
  • Conseil Général du Val-de-Marne
  • GN Netcom
  • Habitat OPH
  • La Poste
  • Assemblée Nationale
  • Barbanel
  • DLCI
  • Conseil Général de la Dordogne
  • CACF
  • Effitel
  • Sanofi Aventis
  • SFR
  • Ville de Cormeilles-en-Parisis
  • Conseil Général de la Mayenne
  • GCE Technologies
  • Gen IP
  • Tandberg
  • Aastra
  • Intercall
  • MMA
  • Alliance Telecom
  • AFPA
  • Depaepe
  • IMA Technologies
  • Habitat 76
  • Léon Grosse
  • Rhésys
  • Ville d'Asnières
  • Ville de Cormeilles-en-Parisis
  • Zenitel
  • Sintel
  • Loopgrade
  • Générali
  • ...

In Intra company :

  • Decathlon
  • Total
  • Axians
  • Zenitel
  • Alcatel
  • Prosodie
  • Inter Mutuel Assistance
  • Alsatel
  • Cycos
  • Méditel
  • Conseil Général des Bouches du Rhones
  • Nortel
  • Chambre de Commerce de Paris
  • Amecspie
  • France Telecom R&D
  • Ascom
  • Act6
  • Alliance Télécom
  • AMD Conseil
  • Amphitec
  • MMA
  • Ayrilys
  • Bertelsmann
  • BCRM Toulon
  • BNP
  • Bouygues
  • CHU Toulouse
  • CNRS
  • Finaref
  • GDF
  • La Poste
  • L'Oréal
  • MAIF
  • Mairie d'Abbeville
  • Mairie de Marignanne
  • Mairie de Nanterre
  • Ingram
  • INRA
  • Intercall
  • ITC Ariane
  • ITC Systèmes
  • ITD
  • Mairie de Paris
  • Mairie de Rennes
  • Mairie de Talence
  • Mairie d'Hérouville
  • Méditel
  • Net2S
  • NextiraOne
  • Nortel
  • Orange
  • Plan Imprim
  • Resadia
  • Sagem
  • Schering-Plough
  • SFR
  • Spie
  • Stragex
  • Thomson
  • ...
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Completel :

2013-04-07-CompletelEngineering and interoperability of VoIP companies Cisco 2600 gateway with softswitch operator tests.

France Telecom :

france-telecomInteroperability testing between SIP service platform and open application server.


Depaepe :

depaepe2Certification and Testing SIP functional, single-line and multi-line 3 posts Depaepe.

LG Ericsson :

lg ericson 20121214 1986436007Interoperability certification LG Nortel IP Phones 8800 series with 5 following IP PBX.


OVHValidation of SIP Trunk OVH with Alcatel OXO.



 Validation BTIP with the Aastra 5000.


SFRSIP Trunking HiPath 8000 certification in operators environments.

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Testimonies Actors Telecom

 ILEXIA was a natural choice to work on the Alcatel-Lucent Dynamic Tour 2010 to form the CIO clients on issues and impacts SIP and interoperability. Beyond the strong technical competence, is the credibility of an actor who has mastered these technologies in its own labs which makes ILEXIA a single independent player in the communications market in France and Europe.Pierre-Antoine THIEBAUT, Director Marketing & Business Development, Alcatel-Lucent Entreprise
 When Bouygues Telecom Entreprises has launched its range of fixed-mobile convergence, we had set up various training modules to educate our distribution network. We auditioned various actors in the field of Networking & Telecommunications to sit our curriculum. ILEXIA is detached from other competitors for its particular specialized knowledge on issues ToIP but also through its Laboratory to achieve the TP-related deals. We have therefore chosen ILEXIA which is the reference in this sector and have given him the certification of all our distributors for installation of fixed offers and convergence. ILEXIA also performs route climb technical competence of our staff.Astrid CHENARD, Responsible for Training and Animation, Bouygues Telecom
The ILEXIA training allowed us to concretely understand the operation of ToIP and identify points of vigilance. The alternation of lectures and practical work and the course material help to fix the fundamentals. Such training is the first step to technical advisor in a project ToIP.Daniel PRAT, Director of the solution department customer centers, ORANGE

 Testimonies customers end

 We followed their training. They have experience of different systems, so a generalist approach. We need an overall vision All systems, ILEXIA addresses QoS routers as well. Their goal is not to advise any particular choice, but to detail a ToIP approach and all products in the presence.Jean-Charles BETTUZZI, Chief of Project CTI, CETELEM BNP Paribas
 We were able through training ILEXIA, complete and base our knowledge on ToIP. Their method, based on the practical application of theories, allows everyone to realize immediately the workshops, the principles described by a team of trainers around the field. ILEXIA trainers are experts on the subject.Jean-Michel OBERT, Technical Director, GROUPAMA Paris Val-de-Loire
 ILEXIA provided training for our company and has been adapted to our problems. I am convinced qu'Ilexia can bring us a lot about the security and validation tests for ILEXIA Laboratory has a complete ToIP and expanded by which sits ILEXIA advice. I think implement new customized training for our teams because trainers are very competent.Georges THYERE, DCSI Network Architect, PSA
In the context of a reflection on replacing our phone system, we decided to choose the ILEXIA Company to train us to ToIP. I was impressed by their expertise in this area but also their skills around the organization LAN, MAN and WAN networks. When we had to retain a company to advise us on the development of our telecommunications system, it seemed obvious to choose ILEXIA Company. The fact that it is requested by the manufacturers of ToIP solutions and ISPs, is a guarantee of security.Antoine DRUON, Territorial Ingineer in Computer Service, Mairie de Boulogne-sur-Mer

Testimonies Press

 We regularly call on the expertise of ILEXIA, whether in our columns or DSI our conferences, to bring our readers relevant and impartial especially lighting technologies and solutions for ToIP.Olivier COREDO, Responsible Club DSI 01 Informatique
 The ILEXIA expertise allows us to understand the new communication technologies from the convergence between IT and IP Telephony. ILEXIA interventions are particularly relevant in our conferences for IT leaders.Jean-Pierre BLETTNER, Editorial Director and CIO of Networks and telecoms, IT News Group
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France Telecom R&D :

france telecom

Tests d'interopérabilité (en H.323, MGCP, H.248 et SIP-T) entre des IP PBXs et des serveurs d'appels opérateurs.

Completel :


Ingénierie et tests d'interopérabilité de passerelle VoIP entreprises Cisco 2600 avec le softswitch de l'opérateur.

Nortel :


Tests d'interopérabilité SIP de l'offre Nortel CS1000 avec le softswitch Cirpack.

Nortel / France Telecom R&D :

Tests d’interopérabilité (en H.323, MGCP et H.248) entre IP PBXs et des serveurs d’appels opérateur.

Eircom (opérateur historique Irlandais) :


  • Évaluation technique d’IP PBX et de passerelles VoIP résidentielle pour Eircom
  • Certification de l’interopérabilité d’IP PBX Nortel, IP PBX Cisco, de Gateway Cisco VoIP et de passerelles VoIP OneAccess dans l’infrastructure Netcentrex CCS d’Eircom pour les services Visit
  • Elaboration de cahier de configuration des différents systèmes testés
  • Analyse technique des problèmes identifiés
  • Mise en œuvre de l’architecture d’un Proxy NAT VoIP dans l’infrastructure du réseau VOIP Netcentrex d’Equant



  • Ingénierie de la solution de ToIP Nortel dans le cadre d’une migration du site central et d’annexes
  • Intégration d’une maquette intégrante Nortel Succession 1000, MOCS 2007 et des systèmes de Video Conferencing (Radvision et Polycom)


Citrix logo

Tests d’Interopérabilité entre une passerelle Citrix et Alcatel OmniPcx entreprise.

Aastra :

aastra logo

  • Assistance technique pour la validation VISIT des produits d’AASTRA en SIP et H.323
  • Offre d'accompagnement d'une ressource ILEXIA pour les réponses aux appels d'offres pour les grands projets.

Orange Business Service :


  • Tests d’interopérabilité pour Orange/ EXXON
  • Certification de l’interopérabilité d’IP PBX Nortel dans l’infrastructure H.323
  • Tests d’interopérabilité des solutions Nortel et Avaya à travers l’infrastructure H.323 d’OBS.

Thomson :

logo thomson rouge sur blanc

Test de compatibilité et diagnostics entre poste SIP ST2030 et Nortel Succession 1000.

Depaepe :


Test de validation de leurs postes IP derrière les principaux IPPBX et PBX du marché.

BNP Paribas :

bnp paribas

  • Tests d’Interopérabilité Nortel Meridian 1 avec Alcatel OXE
  • Installation et validation aspects robustesse et sécurité d’une maquette Nortel M1 rls 5.0 pour Nortel

Castel :


Tests fonctionnels de l'interphone SIP avec 2 IP BX (Alcatel et Cisco)

IP Label :


Tests de la sonde SIP d'IP Label avec les IP PBX du marché.

TLM Com :


Tests d'interopérabilité SIP pour validation de la solution Wel'Suite avec 1 IPBX du marché


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